The Croglin Vampire

Not that I’m obsessed with vampires… noooo, of course not. My psychiatrist says, ‘You’re definitely not obsessed with them, it’s just a hobby’. He’s right. It’s a hobby.

Anyhow, when I was growing up my dad used to tell me the story of the Croglin Vampire, otherwise known as, ‘The vampire of Croglin Grange’. Usually, this was shortly before I was about to fall asleep, so you can imagine how disturbed my dreams were.

It’s a long rambling story which I’m too lazy to tell you here, so I thought I would provide a link. Sleep well!



Vampires or ‘vampyres’ are really very bohemian. I love vampire films; there’s something so dark and compelling about them. They’re seductive, confronting us with our deepest fears: life, love, sex and death… the realisation of our own mortality.

I mentioned sex, and I think vampires are very sexual. Just read Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ to get a sense of that (even though the sexual references are very oblique). All those stakes piercing soft human flesh: nothing Freudian going on there then!

Last night I watched ‘Lost Boys: the Tribe’. Not the world’s greatest vampire film, but good fun anyway. Here’s the song from the first movie: eerie!

I will revisit the vampire theme in another post later on. I have a lesser known English vampire story for you.

PS: The video above might vanish over time due to the copyright police! Already had to edit this post once ‘cos of that.