Ghouls and ghosts and long legged beasties

…and things that go bump in the night! Halloween is over (or Samhain if you’re a Wiccan). Needless to say I spent it in the pub with an assortment of costumed revellers. I’m not 100% sure they all knew what they were celebrating.

I remembered my dead friend, Craig, and how we all went out one Halloween many years ago. Craig and Brian were dressed as werewolves, and on the way back home we passed an off-license where we noticed a police forensic team dusting for prints. The place had just been robbed.

The next day we learned that the heisters were 3 men dressed in Halloween costumes. It was strange that the law paid us no attention as we staggered past. Maybe they weren’t looking.

Last night I spotted a rather attractive girl dressed as a vampyre. She was wearing red contact lenses and had prosthetic fangs fitted. She really looked the part! For me, Halloween is nothing more than an interesting night out, but I almost wish it could be extended. It seems healthy to focus on our mortality once in a while, and to remember the departed.