In search of lost love

A mate asked me to link through to his new blog. He’s trying to win back his lost love and I feel my own words are rather inadequate at this point. All I can do is suggest you see for yourself.

As for me; I find love illusive and women – by and large – too difficult. I’m not the kind of man who doesn’t understand them… that would imply fear of commitment and perhaps a lack of emotional maturity. Maybe some of us are too different; or we don’t fit the spirit of the age (is there one? Or is this an age with no spirit?)

Either way I don’t believe men are better than women, or vice versa. We are simply flawed beings trying to make sense of it all. I fear that people abandon each other sometimes, believing that they are following some sort of pre-determined ‘path’.

From my own perspective there is no path, no destiny and no guarantee of finding such a thing as a soul-mate this side of the veil.

Anyway, this isn’t about me! Send out good thoughts and hope that a love lost can be regained. Or else, what are we doing here on this wicked old piece of rock?


Loving kindness

I noticed that if I slow down whatever I’m doing, relax and enjoy myself, the world around me seems to do the same thing. People seem kinder, strangers smile at you. ‘Who is this person looking so content?’ More please.