Dress like a boho

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How to Dress As a Bohemian

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Okay, you probably know how to be a bohemian, but do you know how to dress like one? If not, follow these tips:


  1. Wear chunky jewelry. Look for natural stones, like turquoise. Long strands of bead in subdued colors, as well a wooden jewelry, also add to this look.
  2. Buy interesting vintage pieces. Peruse consignment stores and garage sales for vintage garments and accessories, especially from the 1960s and 70s.
  3. Layer your clothing; combine different textures and patterns. Try a dress over jeans, a tunic with tights and boots, shorts with tights, or cardigan sweaters in earthy tones. If you do decide to mix patterns, stick to a basic color scheme, and alternate the size of the patterns (such as a small floral print with white graphic stripes).
  4. Wear your worn-out jeans from last year.
  5. Purchase items in interesting patterns, such as plaid, florals, and stripes.
  6. Wear your hair long, if possible. Beachy waves and highlights are trademarks of this look.
  7. Beaded flats, natural-material flip-flops (like grass or leather, instead of plastic), and boots are perfect shoes for this trend.
  8. Buy unique purses and jewelry from vintage stores or flea markets.
  9. Wear scarfs in the winter. Look for nubby knits and floaty, ethnic prints.
  10. Clothes that are ’60s and ’70s inspired are the highlights of this trend. Check out some fashion books from your library from this time period. Examine the photos for inspiration. Look at the way people wore their clothes and imitate their looks.


  • Choose warm, soft colors. Examples include rusted orange, forest green, soft rosy pink, and deep purple. Stick to nature-inspired tones.


  • Don’t over do the layerings and textures (unless you want to look like Jimi Hendrix).

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