I don’t look so very different from a lot of people, and I don’t always dress so differently from most people. I’m too old to be sartorially radical, and too young to start wearing brown. Why do older people end up wearing loose fitting brown clothes? Particularly men…

This evening I went out wearing a t-shirt with the Marvel comic character Thor on the front, and an old (but revered) leather jacket. This didn’t get positive remarks from people… I had quite a bit of hostility. If I’d gone out with a centre parting and a suit, and perhaps the faint citrusy tang of mid-priced aftershave, I would have become instantly acceptable to some (very stupid) people.

I blame the times we live in and popular culture. It has become acceptable to be openly rude about, ‘People who aren’t like me.’ Well, surprise surprise; no-one is particularly like you!

I’m not misanthropic, or angry, or mad, or illiterate, or foolish. Why are so many people like that? What makes people decide to embrace ugliness and stupidity? As soon as they do that, they become slaves. They are empty and will remain so forever.


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