Dating again

After a long break (longer than is probably decent!) I’m venturing into the world of online dating. I didn’t try to avoid dating so much as discover that today’s world makes it seem silly to leave things to chance.

Naively I thought that I would meet someone in my everyday life; perhaps in the pub (women go there from time to time!) or at work, or through friends. Sadly, this hasn’t happened.

I’ve never liked the idea of using the Internet to meet someone, though I’ve tried chat rooms. Women who meet you there say things like: ‘I’d prefer not to meet someone who’s from the Internet’.

Oddly, I’m not ‘from the Internet’. I wasn’t born online, or spawned there. I’m just a guy who happens to have Net access. Strange the rules people make when dating… Almost like playing ‘don’t step on the cracks’ when you were a child. I’ve always thought that if two people get on with each other, it doesn’t matter how or where they met. Apparently I’m wrong.

So I’ve signed up to an online dating service and I’m talking to a woman who seems very pleasant. Hanging around in pubs (or bars a few years ago) got me nowhere. Even casual flings aren’t on the menu for me. I’m not ugly, I’m not good looking; I’m simply me. One day perhaps… one day.


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